The town received its name of Smržovka from the mushroom known ”smrži”. The first written reports of the town come from 1585. Originally, Smržovka was a centre for the flax and cotton industries, but the glass industry also began to develop as early as the 16th century. The glass works, which were established in Smržovka, were the foundation for the later success of the Jablonec costume jewellery industry. One of the most important glassworks was the Zenkner glassworks dating from the end of the 17th century. Other proprietors, such as the Riedels, developed new glass technology and were famous for their products such as artificial pearls, later known as rocailles, glass buttons and bangles.

Smržovka received its town statute in 1905. At present, Smržovka has 3418 inhabitants. The town lies on the southern slopes of the Jizera Mountains and it stretches for several kilometres along the Smržovka Stream. The climatic conditions are harsh and typical for a lower mountain setting. The town is situated of a height ranging from 525 to 585 m above sea level. Part of the town’s territory lies within the Jizera Mountains protected area.

Smržovka can offer its visitors many well marked walking and cycling trails leading in all directions and with the possibility of visiting one of the region’s many lookout towers, such as Černá Studnice, Smržovka, Bramberk and Špičák. The town can be considered to be a winter sports centre. There is access to the Jizera Mountain arterial cross-country skiing trail directly from the town as well as a number of ski tows and lit ski slopes in the vicinity. Smržovka is famous as a bobsledding town and the first bobsled run was built in 1912. The present run dates from 1972-1975.

A dominant feature of the town is the late baroque Church of the Archangel Michael, which was built from 1765 to 1781 by A. Schmidt. The church’ precious interior was damaged by fire in 1967. The art nouveau buildings on the small square are also a reminder of the town’s past. An item of technical interest is the stone rail viaduct, which dates from the 19th century and over which the present Jablonec-Tanvald rail line leads.

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